Taylor Michel Momsen is an American singer, song writer, actress and model. This extraordinary woman is being best known for her portrayal of Jenny Humphrey in worlds one of the most popular TV series Gossip Girl. In addition Taylor Momsen is a lead singer in American rock band The Pretty Reckless, she also plays on the rhythm guitar in the band. There are many stories, facts and interesting articles about Taylor Momsen all over the internet; it only means that she is on the edge of glory right now, even though her career exceeded its peek on Gossip girl set in 2011. After fourth season of GG, Taylor Momsen decided to quit the show. In one of her interview she stated, that she left TV series for her music career, as it is her main focus at the time. There are not much left about Taylor Momsen’s movie career, she started acting as a young kid and had some really breaking roles, though in 2008 was the last time she appeared in a movie. Taylor is also well known for her extraordinary looks and her rebellious behavior. She looks like no other famous star; you can always recognize her coal dark eyeshades on pale porcelain skin and distinguish her from other cute blonds. Here in this webpage you can find every single detail about Taylor Momsen’s personal life, her movie and TV career, her hobbies and interests, her band and its activity all together with many pictures of this young artist.


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